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10-27-2003, 07:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Sakich
The way I see it, the oilers are approaching a very important decision. They are not good enough to win a cup this year and next year may not happen. It has been widely reported that the new cba will have cost certainty in exchange for more liberal ufa (ie - lowere age)

Lowe must make a choice pretty quick. Does he trade comrie for immediate help or does he trade comrie, smith, Staios(if he won't sign an extension), and salo for kids/prospects?

I think the oilers are real close to becomming a dominant team like ott if we had another 1-2 high end defense prospects and another goalie to peak in 1-2 years. JDD is 3-5 years away from being a dominant goalie in the best case scenario. We have plenty of great forward prospects.

Numerous teams are going to be reaching this decision point in a couple of months so you may see a lot of veterans on the block this year.

Do we completly rebuild or keep on approaching the rebuilding halfa**ed. Personally I think that a total rebuild would be the way to go for 3 reasons.

1. We're always going to remain a mediocre team in the 6,7,8,9 position by the time our young players get good enough we have to keep trading the vets and start he process all over again. But if we could have all the players starting at relativly the same age and maturing all at the same time we could have an Ottawa or Vancouver situation. That means guys like Smith and Salo should be traded for younger cheaper guys.

2. If we do miss all or most of the year next year wouldn't it make more sense to have all the young guys we can and the lowest salary possible? We want to coe out of armaggedon in the best shape possible.

3. If we do have a fire sale and let the kids go for it we could have a chance at Ovechkin who could be the final piece of the puzzle.

It's definetly something to think about.

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