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Originally Posted by MSG the place to be View Post
Dude we got smoked by the Caps last year. Only thing that gave us a chance, as I said, was Lundqvist and luck. How conveniently you bring up the Caps tying goal but fail to mention the 3 posts they hit in the first period of game 1 and just the barrage of chances throughout.
Whats convenient about a goal that is consistently disallowed in the NHL and all hockey leagues yet was let go because Alex ovechkin (who other rules like not coasting for the last ten feet before a hit or leaving your feet jumping INTO hits seem to not apply to also) scored it?

Your argument is posts that were hit? We hit some posts too and Gaborik missed quite a few chances that he usually burries without a second thought. That series was a lot closer than a five game series would indicate and there were a few breaks that if they had gone the other way, it could have seen us up 3-2 in the series after five games.

So yes, I think a guy who's been a ppg or better player for the last three or four years would have made a big difference. If nothing else, he would've helped us score a single powerplay goal on one of the 20+ opportunities we had in that series.

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