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Originally Posted by Devastate View Post
I have absolutely NO problem sharing my story.

I'm from Philadelphia. 16th and Jackson. Also lived on 8th and E. Passyunk. Hopefully that answers why my loyalty to Philly teams for whatever reason got questioned.

After knee surgery, I tried out for the Wranglers, did not make the team(Wranglers had the best goalie tandem in the league), also did not make the Bakersfield team. I however, was called multiple times to practice with the team if they needed a goalie. Henderson was officially the 3rd string goalie, but i did occasionally back up the wranglers in emergency situations(goaltender gets called up).

One day, i get called in by the wranglers to practice, and fill in that evening. Elmira comes into town with one goalie; Zemlack, i practice for the wranglers, then do a practice/try out for the Jackals and make the team as their back up goalie. Henderson gets the back up job for Wranglers and it appears as though i landed myself a tad bit more constant gig. I was basically told "We need you as long as we need you, which could be a few days, or the rest of the season."

I'm certainly not the first or last goalie in Vegas to get called up for emergency purposes for the Wranglers, in fact three of my buddies have done so as well.

February 7th, Ray Emery signs with the Ducks, i no longer have a job(yes job, got paid and what not).

As far as losing a season, I play 5-6 times a week, travel for tournaments and have a wonderful goalie coach. There's a reason i didn't make the Bakersfield or Vegas team, and i'm trying to work on that. I'm 23, and i'm already considered an "over age" goalie. I know i have possibly one last chance to do something, so i want to make sure if i get the chance, that i'm prepared

I'm not claiming to have some long prestigious career, simply saying I've spent time in both organizations and that's part of why i'm happy about getting to go to both of these games. I was throwing dots to connect for why both of these games will be the perfect experience for me.

Am i going to end up in the NHL? Hell no. Can i possibly make a european team or another ECHL team? I'm hoping so.

Not the most grandiose story of all time, but dammit, it's been one hell of a ride.
Your a hell of a lot closer than I could ever dream of.

Good luck to you, maybe you catch fire and move yourself up into an AHL team someday, hope it works out for you.

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