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Originally Posted by Vsevolod Bobrov View Post
Face it, Price is almost the lone reason the habs are decently competitive (by that, I mean we got hopes of more than 1 playoff series, competing with cup champions, etc). He's on the last year of his 2.75M deal and PG doesn't have the dumb Gainey policy of not signing players until July 1st.

Now, one thing that stresses me is does he want to sign here long term ? The montreal fanbase did treat him like **** on a number of occasions (2009 playoffs w/ the Roy thing, Halak trade, etc). I just hope he's the kind of guy who gets past that stuff and he still likes it here.

Given that he is our franchise player, money/term have basically no conditions. To me he is already a top5 goalie worth Lundqvist/Bryzgalov money. 6M+ 7M+ whatever give it to him. Sign for as long as you can. Sign him 20 years if the league would allow it.

Inking him right now at the beginning of the season would demonstrate the tremendous confidence management (hopefully) has in him and give him additionnal security incencitives, allow him to focus more on his play. As the season progresses, his monetary value will only keep growing if anything. Also the management will be fully aware the future is based on him, then they can get big tough guys so other teams will stop crashing at him

Do it PG. Everyday additional day you haven't signed him you've done your job poorly to me.
He is a RFA, so no worries we can match any offer if it ever went that far.

PG dosen't have the same philosophy of what Gainey had, he will talk contract during the season. I think it is in PG mind frame that he wants to sign Price, Subban and Gorges all to multi-year long term deals. Don't be surprised to see all three of those deals announced together during the season.

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