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10-27-2003, 07:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Laches
---That may be the Wild's spin on it, but it doesn't really seem like the same deal to me. Up until the start of the season, the Wild had offered Dupuis a choice between a one-year deal at $385K or a four-year deal for $3.125 million starting at $550K in the first season, which averages out to about $781K per season. This deal pays him $2.508 mil over 3 years, starting at $733K this year, an average of $836K per season. It's less total compensation, but it's a higher annual salary.
You're missing the contract offer made just before training camp. (See links below.) Dupuis could've signed back then and made the same amount of money over the life of the contract. Or, perhaps gotten this very deal, hard to say.

Originally Posted by Laches
This seems like a pretty reasonable deal to me, and there's really no excuse for the two sides not coming to this agreement back in August.
Absolutely. Or at least before training camp started.
"Two weeks ago, the sides reportedly were $375,000 apart on a two-year deal. The Wild offered Dupuis $550,000 and $800,000 a season while Walsh countered at $750,000 and $975,000.
Earlier, the team put on the table a three-year offer for $2.525 million ($650,000, $875,000 and $1 million), adding $300,000 a year in performance bonuses."
"Dupuis hit his mark late Friday when he signed a three-year contract worth $2.525 million in base salary, with a chance to earn an additional $300,000 a season in performance bonuses.
"It's a fair deal for both sides," said Dupuis, a left wing who was paid $350,000 in his second full NHL season. But the episode did not have a win-win feel to it.
The deal is for $750,000 this season, although Dupuis' three-week holdout cost him about $17,000. It will pay $775,000 next year and $1 million in 2005-06. It essentially was the same offer Dupuis rejected before training camp, except that package was for $650,000 in the first year and $875,000 in the second."

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