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10-10-2011, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I understand out of a guy you pay 7.5 cap hit you expect 10-15 but my expectation of Gomez was always 20-30th among centers, which wouldn't even necessarily be a top 30 point getter in the league.

But I do understand where people are coming from. That said we needed a 2nd liner center and we got one even if he is overpaid. Teams like Florida have like 7-8 guys overpaid in total that we do with the likes of Gomez and the other slightly overpaid players. With a cap if your team is competitive (we are) and you're overpaying, chances are on the whole you aren't overpaying anymore than other teams.

It's just so glaring for us because of Gomez being the one who takes up the biggest chunk of that overpayment.

So while we do have an extremely overpaid player in Gomez, if he can return to 55-60pt form or even god forbid somehow exceed even those expectations... he won't be so overpaid and right then and there he'll make the deal worth it for me, cause with a Gomez on his game we can go far. Book it.

If you aren't San Jose, Vancouver, LA, places players would love to live. NYC, etc. You need to overpay, heck even those teams do overpay now and then when it comes to getting the exact player they're looking for. We get to spend to cap, we're a very lucky team in that regard. Gomez contract to us is less of a problem than it would be for a lot of other teams where he'd take up a high % of their internal cap. People make a huge deal sometimes out of small things.

Look at the bigger picture we needed a center, he was available, we got him and nobody else wanted to play here. Suddenly players did want to play here. Gomez is known to be a great guy to play with. Players seem to enjoy his company. Maybe he isn't the reason Cammy and Gio signed. Maybe he is. All I know is Kovalev was about to get a couple more year contract and Gio swooped in and took that money. I don't think that's just a coincidence. And I <3 Gio.

Point is if any team can handle Gomez and his cap hit performing at regular pace it's us. 60pt Gomez makes us a better team regardless of his cap hit and I think he's going to show us what he's made of this year. I'm calling it right now, Gomez will be the wild card this year.
Unfortunately, we were counting on Gomez to be a number one center when we acquired him and he has fallen short there. Having said that, we do need a number two center and the numbers Gomez has put up justify that role. There aren't a lot of better options out there right now. So while I'm not the biggest Gomez fan out there, I'm okay with him if his contribution improves even slightly. I think it will.

Forget about the salary cap hit. It isn't affecting us at the moment and before we worry about next year, it is important to remember that the new CBA will likely include some changes address some of the rigid structure of the old one.

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