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10-27-2003, 08:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
...In my opinion, Hoss should be immediately placed on Koivu's line.

First you have a centre that will consistently find Hoss in the open (much like Ribby, but with more frequency, since Koivu won't get pushed off the puck even half as much). Second, you have a player that will support Hoss on the boards, and will talk (Ribby is much quieter on the ice, from all I've seen...) to Hoss and let him know what's up. Third, Sax is a point-a-game player, or very close to it, and Hoss will inevitably get more points - and therefore more confidence - than he would with Ribs. (I know, I know, Ribs is about a point-a-game now, but I don't think he'll keep that up over the course of a complete season.)

So, a line with a digger and a set-up guy; all it needs is a finisher. Leave Zed with Ribs so the latter can keep his confidence up and put Ryder with Koivu. Interesting combo, isn't it.

A concerned fan.

I think it is a very interesting combo indeed!...If I'm not mistaken, Hossa played a bit with Ryder in Hamilton last year and they were very effective!!

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