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10-10-2011, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
1) Show me where I said it's simple. Go on, I'm waiting. I've likely only got about 60 years of life left though, and I fear that won't be enough time for you to find it. Strawman ahoy!

I'd rather see him not screw simple crap up in the first place.
Of course, you didn't say "Being a GM is simple," but you are saying that this is simple, when it reality it isn't. A lot more goes into signing any one player, no matter how good or how bad.

2) The bad moves hinder the good moves. The team is competitive despite the bad moves, and without them they'd be even better. You'll also need to go back and notice that I never said the bad moves outweigh the good moves.

Dude...please actually read my posts and respond to them, instead of pretending I said something.
I know you never used those exact words, but you keep pointing to bad moves and I keep saying they don't outweigh the good moves. Saying they hinder the good moves, which I have never seen you say or even insinuate before this post, is just as speculative as saying they are outweighed so for every argument I made, just replace "outweigh" with "hinder" and the posts should read the same. There is no way in hell to prove it, which is why all you can look at are the results. If this team was in trouble and missing the playoffs, ok lets fire up the torches and pitchforks and go down to the Wells Fargo Center. But these guys are perennial contenders with a very young core. Having Shelley sucks, no doubt, but as I have said, not having may very well suck just the same by inserting a different player for $1.1 million or however much depending the other moves that made WHICH WE HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING WHAT THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN.

It's easy to say X, Y, or Z would have been better, but here's something for you, if Shelley wasn't signed, what would have happened? Where would that extra money have gone? You don't know. I'm sure you think you know, or you have an idea of where it should go, but in the end, you do not know. It could have gone somewhere more useful. It also could have gone somewhere worse. Maybe Carter would still be here. Maybe Richards would be. Maybe Bryz wouldn't be. Maybe JvR would have been traded to get a more seasoned veteran. Maybe Leino would still be here. Maybe Hartnell would be gone. Maybe Gretzky would have came out of retirement. And so forth and so on. So yes, things could have been better, I agree, but you are just talking about things that are not provable by anything other than speculation. All we have are results, and they are good results, despite the bad contracts/trades that have been made.

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