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Originally Posted by Habs 4 Life View Post
Not without a new Ball Park, Winnipeg got a new building to play in a few years ago and the reason the NHL went back
Given that the median attendance achieved by a team at MLB games this year is about 28,700 and the average attendance was about 30,300 at an MLB game what is the optimal size of a stadium.

Many stadiums have been (over)-built on best case scenarios or for that once a year event that really doesn't justify spending the extra capital expenditure. In addition, the empty seats create a horrible atmosphere and create no sense of urgency for fans to buy tickets.

The financial model should allow for a team to be profitable with an average of attendance of about 25,000. If that is not the case, then over one-third of the teams are losing money.

Given all of that, the balance between capacity and cost would indicate that a stadium of 33,000 to 35,000 would be ideal, especially for a small market team. Unfortunately Montreal's climate would demand a domed (preferably retractable) stadium and that puts the cost right out sight.

I loved the Expos and thought the entire situation was mishandled. Now that they are gone, I think the obstacles that must be overcome for a return are nearly insurmountable and that is unfortunate.

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