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10-10-2011, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Beville View Post
Hey all,

In need of a new helmet, got the old age 8K a few years ago and so the warranty is up now... Need a new one, I like the look of the 7K (Cos it's so much like the 8K it would be appear)

But my question, is it just a rebranded 8K? Cos if so, I'm deffo getting it.. That 11K is just butters....
Do you mean the HECC/CSA sticker? (Or, since you're in the UK, a different sticker?)

HECC is for the USA only and CSA for Canada. The helmet hasn't 'expired', although some leagues (HECC for USA Hockey for example) require that the helmet not be past the certification date. That date is simply the length of time the safety certification holds up till. Once that date is reached, manufacturers simply do a 3rd party retest to check for safety.

If you're playing rec/drop ins, you don't need to worry about that; although a few years worth of sweat and moisture could generally wear down the foams thus it's advisable (not neccesary) to a replace a helmet every 3 yrs or so.

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