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Originally Posted by DougKnowsBest View Post
butt of the stick on the ground...

and the heel of the stick is what i should be measuring off of? or should i be measuring off of the highest point of the curve against my lip area?

my mechanics are horrible, not because i have bad habits, i just have to practice with repition doing it correctly. the puck comes off my wood stick usually going end over end instead of a tight spiral... ive been picking the high school kids heads for tips in between shifts. im strong enough to have a nice shot... its just not coming along as fast as my skating did

they suggested the composite with a curve to help me a little.... i have no dreams of grandjure.. im very aware of where im at... knowing how much i need to progress... my goal with the stick is to just give me as much help as possible.

i can see where my left elbow is way to flexed holding the long stick..... thank you for pointing this issue out guys
stand the stick straight up with the tip of the blade's toe touching the ground...the shaft should be perfectly vertical. the butt end of your stick in this position should come up to anywhere between your nose to chin...some even like it shorter...that's something you're gonna need to experiment with. but I can tell you right now, if you're only cutting an inch or so off a sr stick at your height, the stick is entirely too long.

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