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10-10-2011, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by PatientlyWaiting View Post
Here we are after game 2, and you can tell that on our worst nights, we have what it takes to stay competitive. Al was fantastic, and maybe we will have the reliable goaltending for the duration.

But something else is "off". I just can't put my finger on it, but they completely imploded after 20 tonight, and it's just like they are skating through mud.

Where is this team quickness?
Where is this creativity that Jack's system caters too?
Where is the desire to compete?

It doesn't seem fair that, as fans, we should be asking where the desire to compete is after only the 2nd game of the season.

Whatever it is, it's something. Anyone have an idea of wht we could do to shake things up here? The schedule really picks up starting Thursday, and our opponents aren't the types to play 2 goal games. These are high offense teams, and teams with great goaltending.

We had 7 shots on net the last two periods today.

Confused, really.

As Roger Waters said, "I got a strong urge to fly. But I got nowhere to fly to." I'm positive he wasn't talking about the Islanders, but sometimes it seems like these guys want to do the things they were doing last year...spring people for breakaways with the stretch pass, blow by defenders, etc...but they go for it too soon without doing the gritty work necessary to open up those lanes. And it just puts guys out of position, makes them seem directionless and, ironically, makes them slower out there. It's probably why they're taking a lot of penalties but not drawing any, too.

They'll put together some nice stretches of games this year. I'm sure of it. But in the first two games, they're not doing the small things right on offense that lead to the big things. Sort of a weird comparison, but I was watching old Tyson boxing videos a few years ago, and when he was on, he would go to the body repeatedly, forcing an opponent to drop his guard to protect the body, and then he'd come up with the homerun roundhouse. When he got out of jail, he just went out there and went for the roundhouse right away all the time, and he was a horrible boxer for it. Just my opinion, but it seems like when the Isles get the puck, they go for the roundhouse without setting it up with the body shots first.

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