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10-10-2011, 07:57 PM
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At your height, weight and experience level, I'd probably suggest a 70ish flex intermediate, or maybe a 75ish flex senior. You would have got zero flex out of the 100 flex stick, and honestly you likely won't be getting much flex at all out of that 85 flex either, especially since your technique is gonna be pretty basic. As you get more experienced, and REALLY learn how to get your weight into a shot, you may want to move up from an intermediate to a 75 flex senior, or from a 75 flex senior to an 85 flex senior, but you many experienced players just stick with whippy sticks (myself included, I'm 6' tall, 185 lbs, reasonably strong, have been playing hockey for 17 years, and still shoot best with a 75 flex senior).

As for stick height, stock length or just 1" off is way too long for you, follow the adice of other posters like Jarick and thedonger - a good rule of thumb is indeed to have the stick cut to somewhere between your nose and your chin, though some guys like them a bit longer or a bit shorter than that. This is when you're in bare feet, looking straight forward, with the stick standing vertically (resting on it's toe). Measuring the same way, but on your skates, that translates to roughly between your chin and your collar bone.

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