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10-10-2011, 09:35 PM
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If you're playing shinny with better players, or an organized game at any level, you'll still learn. Not always the big strategy of the game stuff, but you'll know what the player's PoV is like. It doesn't take competitive league play.

For instance, the numbers on helmet crap we're seeing this season to acclimate us to seeing stuff there in preparation for future ads. A lot of posters on the main board bought the line that refs need an additional number to keep track of who's who on the ice. If you've ever seen hockey from the player side, at any level, you know just how laughable that really is. Even in beer league games where guys often don't even wear numbers, I've never had trouble picking out one guy from another based on whatever else. You know that even if there's not a number exposed, if you have a jersey with numbers on the back and sleeves, one will be exposed in half a second.

There's a difference between seeing the game from the stands or TV and seeing it from up close in 3D. And I don't think you need to play competitive hockey to see that.

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