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10-10-2011, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Richie Daggers Crime View Post
Hey, I say other stuff too. Like, how U2 sucks.

I'm all for playing the full season. I think it will be a good season and the team will make forward strides. But, I'm not going to fool myself into thinking that this wasn't a lottery team last year. There will be up and downs. This team will struggle and I won't be terribly shocked when it does. I do think the team will be interesting to watch, but ultimately they just have too many holes and not enough proven talent to fill them. Sorry.
oh im by no means a optimist, especially when it comes to this team. You will not hear me say this team is a lock for the playoffs. On the flip side of things im not a pessimist either and wont say this will be another lottery team. Im agnostic. Im going to with hold judgment untill i see what this team is really made of. I wont use last season to make my judgment of this team. The players are a year older. We have some new players in the line up and we have not seen a healthy isles team over a long stretch yet. There are to many variables with this team to really no for sure how they will perform.

Edit: However if we do see a healthy team and they still end up being a lottery team, something really needs to be done. As built right now i really dont see them being that, and if they dont make progress with a healthy team this "rebuild" has stalled and things should def be shook up

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