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10-11-2011, 01:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Krotak View Post
Guys, It's almost 2 years, I posted here thread called Trends in Slovnaft Extraliga (Slovakia). Now I decided to update it and I think this thread is suitable for it. What do you think about this progress??

For forwards i decided to choose scoring statistic. Question is: How many players under 25 years there are among 25 best Scoring Leaders?

2011/2012 (at the beginning of the season - 1/6): 9!61scoring

2010/2011: 4!61scoring
2009/2010: 5!61scoring
2008/2009: 2!61scoring
2007/2008: 2!61scoring
2006/2007: 2!61scoring

For defenders i decided to choose plus minus statistic. Question is: How many players under 25 years there are among 25 best defenders?

2011/2012 (at the beginning of the season - 1/6):11!95minus!95def

2009/2010: 10!95minus!95def
2008/2009: 4!95minus!95def
2007/2008: 7!95minus!95def
2006/2007: 5!95minus!95def

For goalies i decided to choose Saves Percentage (or Saving) statistic. Question is: How many players under 25 years there are among 10 best goalies?

2011/2012 (at the beginning of the season - 1/6): 8!95percentage

2010/2011: 5!95percentage
2009/2010: 3!95percentage
2008/2009: 3!95percentage
2007/2008: 1!95percentage
2006/2007: 4!95percentage

My Result:

Development of young players in Extraliga is getting better. Some aspects are better other worse. However there is positive trend in Extraliga in last 3 years and young players are becoming leaders.
We can see the real bottom of young hockey players development in Slovak Extraliga was around the years 2007 and 2008. In 2008 there was no Slovak in NHL draft too.
In that period even our Extraliga was such as a backwater, but since then I got a feeling it improved. I guess even an average age of players in the league has decreased from cca. 28 to 25 years... And the most important is the level of league remain stable and that's great. I like to see young guns such as Vandas, Gašparovič, Haščák, Tybor, Hudáček, Tománek... instead of slow boring veterans like Šechný, Faith, Uram, Pavličko etc.

What's your opinion??
Basically in translation it means that due to the economic situation the teams can no longer afford to (over)pay the old players, so they´ve been forced into doing this. The end result is a good thing though.

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