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Originally Posted by WorkingOvertime View Post
I wasn't trying to give Wings fans a good rep- nothing I say can change the reputation of a fan-base.
You asked why they have a bad rep, yet offered up nothing to support a positive rep. Confusing.

I have no issue with most teams opposing fans, but I remember the Wings fans that were trash talking the expansion Jackets fan base. It is an embarrassing black eye (and it wasn't just one or two, I heard it for 2 or 3 years) for your fan base. I looked at one of your fans and I said "You better have beat an expansion team, you have 20 million (or was it 30) in additional salary. It would be real embarrassing if you had lost". It would have been like trash talking an AHL fan base during an exhibition. No class there.

Then you get the tools that what to throw sea creatures on our ice. Look I don't mind your "tradition", just keep that crap on your own ice.

I can give a lot of examples of poor sportsmanship. This isn't intended to go down the "All your fans suck" as I'm sure the vast majority are fine. However, we all know the rep is derived from the vocal minority, not the majority (or at least rarely is). I have had far less issues with most other opposing teams fans, but there are a couple of teams I would rank fairly close to Detroit on the hate meter.

The point? Just roll with it and don't act surprised. However, when you witness asshatery from your own fan base, call them out on it. I have no issue doing the same on our end. There was a fan on this board that I called out a couple of times, even though the majority of my fan base defended him.

I will say one thing. I get perverse enjoyment yelling, in my deep voice with my somewhat intimidating stare, "Sit down" when opposing teams fans try and celebrate after a goal. The sheepish look they give me as they sit down always makes me laugh. Sorry.

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