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Originally Posted by WorkingOvertime View Post
Where did I ask why the Wings got a bad rep? In fact, I stated that I understand the reputation the fans have.
Actually that was my fault. I misread the sentence. My bad. Misreading one word was the cause, there was no reason to go down this rabbit hole.

On your last point, why should the away teams fans not be allowed to stand and cheer after a goal, as long as they are being appropriate? That is a widely accepted activity, and I don't see how it negatively effects the home team's fans. IMO yelling at people cheering for a goal is likely to escalate trash-talking and other inappropriate behavior.
I didn't say they weren't allowed. 95%+ of opposing goals go by without incident. I didn't completely explain but I don't do it all the time. I usually save it for game situations and for excessive celebration. When we're down 5-2 with 4 minutes to go and you are just rubbing it in, you're more likely to get it.

Also, I never said I was against trash talking. Make it good and appropriate I'll all on board. I'm not going to go violent, it's up to them act accordingly. I've been on the receiving ends of not-too-friendly crowds in other arenas when I attempt to celebrate, I see no issue making them feel less-than-comfortable. If I can help take the opposing teams fans out of the game, especially if they are numerous, I've got no issue with that. We can't have the opposing team feeling like it's a home game.

My favorite is probably interrupting Red Wings chants. It's amazing how modifying the chant can get 30 fans out of sync and have it die fast.

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