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10-11-2011, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Windymind View Post
CH seems to have injury problems since Jacques Martin is in position (I like Martin/Gauthier's work BTW).

Are injuries due to:
- Bad luck?
- Coach too demanding?
- Small players try to compensate size by too much effort?
- Lack of tough guy to protect?

Looking at some of the injuries, it's tough to find a real cause.

White - training
Markov - not due to rough play
Eller - not linked to lack of tough guy
Desharnais - not linked to lack of tough guy
Gorges - Old injury, not linked to lack of tough guy
Cammalleri - not due to rough play
Campoli - not due to rough play
Spacek - not intentional
Pacioretti - directly link to the absence of tough guy.

The Pacioretti event is the only one to me that is link to size of players or lack of tough guy. We can say though that with Pacioretti during the last playoffs, not sure Bruins would have made it.
what tough guy intimidates Chara enough to stop him from doing what he did?
I cant think of a single lack of tough guy related injury

In the last 3 seasons, most injuries have been due to coaching i think
During the season, Martin's system is so bad that players dont really know where to be so they're constantly over reaching, trying to block shots, or put in positions to get injured.

plus i believe some players just come into the camp in bad shape

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