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10-11-2011, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by WorkingOvertime View Post
To me, throwing an Octopus on the ice in a safe (assuming no one was hit, the Octopus was properly boiled so no 'goo' hits anyone, etc.) manner is not an excuse for violence. I can understand being upset and having some words for the fan, but assaulting them is not okay IMO. If that is an excuse for assault to you, then I'm not sure we should continue this discussion- I don't think either of us would change our opinion.

It is a hockey game and we are all hockey fans. The last thing I (and I hope all sports fans) want to see is another incident like the Giants fan seriously injured earlier this year.
I think we need a tradition of throwing our trash out onto the Wings home ice. And only the Wings. It's green and it will help out the Detroit economy. Hopefully it will cost Detroit 200k per green job.

Your "tradition" needs to stay at home. It's an insult to our fanbase and has no place in opposing teams arenas. Even the Rangers, Flyers, and Preds.

If your fans attempt to do it in our arena, they deserve what they get short of physical injuries. Personally I wouldn't mind see the Wings law, which would be a nice $500 fine and a nice overnight stay in one of Frankin Counties nicer accommodations for repeat offenders. It's a rather pointless law, but I wouldn't mind getting rid of anything hitting the ice outside of hats.

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