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10-11-2011, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Just curious why you think if it were some clueless guy on MTV it would be alright but since it's Cherry on HNIC it isn't okay.
I don't think it would be alright. I think it would have passed more unnoticed, and maybe those guys wouldn't have made a big thing out of it because it isn't a supposed hockey analyst blasting them away on Saturday night in front of millions of hockey fans. It would have been easier to dismiss as ''wtv, this guy doesn't know anything anyways''.

Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Don't get me wrong I think Cherry is a total tool but I also think suing him over it is quite laughable. He called them pukes and it was pathetic, he misunderstood them and misquoted him which makes him stupid, but why bother sinking to his level or even acknowledging his stupidity? In the past nobody has cared but now that a bunch of folks used these deaths as part of their agenda against fighting and Cherry blabbed his mouth all of the sudden now lawsuits are happening. I didn't see people suing Cherry before nor did I see him being taken off the air due to his prejudice tirades against euros and other players/teams. It's only now that it becomes worthy of suing. I really wish the ex players would stop trying to get 15 minutes of more fame and just stop inciting stupid **** like this aiding the ******** agenda of the media and some fans to eliminate fighting. Suing Cherry is just to bring more publicity to the situation in general
I don't think Nilan used these death as an agenda. People have to stop using the word agenda. It's been used incorrectly on so many occasions. Heck, I was told by another poster that I had an agenda, which is ridiculous.

A lot of people used these three deaths to raise questions, and that's absolutely normal. Fighting in hockey was already being debated for quite some time. Over the summer, not one, not two, but three deaths to these type of players happened. I don't see how one can just toss it to the side and not even raise questions.
Not sure about the other two guys, but I know that's all Nilan has done.

Nilan simply said with the way the NHL has evolved and changed their rules, might as well take fighting out. He said if you want to keep it in, remove the instigator rule. There's nothing wrong with that, and I agree with him. That's not having an agenda. That's nothing more than an opinion. If he was hinting that fighting should be removed in every interview, wrote columns or blogged about it, then yea, you could consider him having an agenda, but that's not the case. Just wanted to clear this up.

I don't care if they sue him or not. Good for them. If he refuses to apologize, he will lose if they decide to move forward with that.

Originally Posted by neofury View Post
He said what he said and he's an idiot, but he didn't exactly ruin these guys careers with his comments At the end of the day he's entitled to his opinion no matter how stupid he is or how much he misunderstands another persons opinion. There are comparable things said about our own players by the likes of the Antichambre, 110%, Radio, Le Match people all the time.
The guys on our local shows have never gone that far. The most I can remember is Michel Beaudry saying ''Tom f...... Kostopolous'', but he apologized for it, something Cherry didn't do. They spread rumors, they raised questions, they criticized players. That's all part of the game. But nobody ever flat out insulted them.

Not quite the same.

At the end of the day, I don't really care. Just hoping any bad press will eventually make CBC move away from Cherry. Didn't happen before, so hoping it might now.

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