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Originally Posted by Barbara Underhill View Post
It's gotten them further in the playoffs than us the last few years.

But I agree with you. Defense is key and we have a good defense, nothing to worry about because Sather believes in building from the net out and has done just that.

Winning in the playoffs is about balance and depth, we have depth. Now we need to get a a balanced offense going, something we should have. A legit top 6 LW would make a big difference, it doesn't have to be a Superstar.
Defense is only one key. Defense alone WILL NOT do it. Last year is proof.

Bold: agree.

Underline: we should have depth. Don't have enough. Must get O going is, you are right, something we SHOULD be able to do. But if there is an opportunity to get top tiered help, even if expensive, we need to do it IF ITS THE RIGHT DEAL.

Agree it doesn't have to be a superstar. But who can we get at what price?
At least this way, we got 3 young Fs with obvious talent.

Offense, especially in a system like what Torts is using, needs people who can keep up the pressure and execute. That's what THESE acquisitions would do.

And again, my detractors, kindly acknowledge the fact there would be WORTHWHILE change on time of possession.

In fact, if Staal-Erixon usually hold the fort for 20+ min, that's a third of the game we dominate with minimum issues of D letting up goals. That leaves 40- min, but we can get by most of the time = winning strategy.
It's not like there is one super elite line and 3 other lines are dog food.
With my improvements, the Fs and the lines would be balanced..

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