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Originally Posted by LyleOdelein View Post
First of all, a lawsuit is by no means a given. All that's been said so far is that Grimson, Thomson and Nilan are considering further recourse. That could pretty much mean anything from a meeting with Cherry, to expecting an apology, to pursuing legal action, to doing nothing at all after releasing the statement. I can see how people jumped to the conclusion that a law suit would follow (seeing how a legal firm is involved), but that's not necessarily a given.

Secondly, as a member of broadcast media, it's Cherry's responsibility to know where his power ends. He's entitled to his opinions, but his freedom of opinion will never allow him to use his soapbox for baseless personal attacks. He decided to take the discussion away from specific hockey talk and used his time to attack the character of the guys he targeted. It doesn't matter whether it's a VJ on MTV, a weatherman or a talk-show host, you can't baselessly attack an individual's character on the air.

Cherry has definitely said inflammatory things in the past, but they were usually:
1) Specifically providing some kind of commentary on hockey.
2) Spoken in the general (like his attacks on European players).
3) Brushed off by the victim (his attacks on Subban are a good example of this).

Cherry's getting called out for saying something on-air that he had no right to say and quite frankly I think it's been a long time coming.
First of all I'd just like to point out that I never did any research regarding the lawsuit, lawyers, whatever has gone down I was just basing it off word of mouth. Sorry for that but pretty much everyone is making it out to be a lawsuit. Either way I was misinformed.

Secondly I don't disagree with anything you've said I just think legal action is going a bit far. Really why even sink to Cherry's level or dignify him with a response? He doesn't even deserve it. All this is doing is giving the situation and Cherry publicity they don't deserve and believe me when I say this Cherry doesn't care whether or not the publicity is good or bad.

@Kriss E I didn't mean Nilan has an agenda, I meant fans and the media do and they're using Nilan and others as a result. The whole Cherry thing is just another way to give that agenda any kind of publicity. I won't stop using the word agenda because that's exactly what it is, their agenda against fighting or their agenda to stir the pot and get hits, viewers, etc, their opinions are ultimately just there for that reason anyways.

When people are trying to take three tragic incidents and claim like they're all related when they aren't just to try and push their anti-fighting smear campaign, then yeah, it's an agenda.

There's raising questions and then there's abusing a situation to help your stance on something unrelated to it by trying to relate them. I'm not saying it didn't deserve a look but people reacting to it and not giving it any thought and just jumping on the anti-fighting bandwagon is all this is doing and it's exactly what they wanted out of it, because yes it does help further their agenda against fighting. The one area where Cherry was actually right is that people did exactly that, took a situation and tried to relate it to something it isn't related to. These deaths aren't as a result of fighting no matter how many times people try to spin it that way. They were sad unfortunate deaths that all had a reason behind them and people would rather plug their ears, hop on a media bandwagon and go "lalalala" rather than actually face the facts. There is no conclusive evidence to support saying fighting and these deaths are even remotely linked. Media brainwash is pretty much the only reason most people are blabbing on about it.

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