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10-11-2011, 03:39 PM
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Yes that could be it.

When I first started and got a composite, it was an 87 flex Vapor XX. Those were fairly stiff. I'm 5'8 and had to cut it down 6", so it was about 110-115 flex when I was done with it.

I remember practicing slappers and getting some pain in my top hand at the base of my thumb and in my wrist. Eventually I got severe tennis elbow and had to stop playing for a few weeks. That's when I learned about stiff sticks causing pain.

Since then I've gone between 65-75 flex (between 75 and 95 cut down) and haven't had any pain at all.

What happens is this: when you shoot a puck, you're transferring your forward momentum and all your strength down into your arms, into the stick, and then into the puck. If your stick is too stiff, it won't flex and store the energy, so some of the energy will go into the puck and some will go back into your wrists, elbows, etc.

Also when I was using sticks that were almost up to my nose, I had to bend my top hand in order to keep the blade flat on the ice while playing and developed a massive (and disgusting) ganglion cyst. Chopped the sticks down a couple inches, it went away and haven't seen it in years.

Your body's pretty good at telling you when you're screwing up!

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