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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
The problem here is that you think Vtank, or any of our other unproven dmen, can replace what Girardi gives us. Girardi is a 1st pair dman on our team. He logged 30+ minutes in both games so far while playing against the other teams' best players. And in case you haven't noticed, Staal is out and we don't know when he'll be back.

The fact that you (continually) suggest that we should trade him is frightening enough, but that you added Sauer, McD and MDZ (and Stepan and Boyle) into the deal is beyond laughable. Rookies, especially rookies who haven't proven they are ready for the NHL, do not come up and play 20+ minutes a night, let alone 30+.

In short, your proposal was as bad as any of seen on this forum or any other.
I appreciate your otherwise accurate, honest and constructive criticism.

However, I am obliged to point out that:
(1) I am not saying exactly that "Vtank, or any of our other unproven dmen, can replace what Girardi gives us." in any way to suggest that what is coming in is the equal or improvement of what we are losing.

What I am saying is IF you get enough gain going the other way, the issue is not if you have to live without Girardi and the guys you've lost. The issue is can you live with the reduced production their replacements give you.

Now that is a lot to give up, but
(2) You are completely ignoring what we are getting in return, and all the benefit thereto. Your criticism is thus not entirely accurate. It would be as if I said, let's ship these guys off to ___________ (the moon) AND NOT GET ANYTHING IN RETURN.

A year ago, I said give our D kids a chance. I was proven right.
They needed a season to improve further, but they made me look good by handling it well enough along the way.

If we get all that offense to LW, etc., that will make a HUGE difference. We will actually maintain pressure. Dominate time of possession. Score on the power play!!

And we will still have strong shut down with our first pair [Staal-Erixon]

You are inferring that guys like Vtank, Kundratek, etc., will be woefully outclassed, worse than Redden his last year playing on each and every shift. I resent that inference.

If our top shut down pair can provide stability and hold the fort where really needed against the other teams' best, these guys should do ADEQUATELY vs. the comp. Adequate is not good enough for an extended time, or in a vacuum, but with this offense, and the reasonable likelihood they can get 2nd or 3rd pair help (again, they don't need first pair help), then it is more than do-able.

They can get a Gunnarrsson for more than what they want to pay but a price we can live with.
They can reach out to a team like the Black Hawks and, now that your F is settled, you can look at something around Christian Thomas for a D prospect, of which they have multiple.
And McIlrath might be an end of year call up, no?

So please look this over with fresh eyes and address my points raised.
After the impotence shown in last year's playoffs and to date, I'm willing to take this risk, and for those who disagree, we have to agree to disagree.

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