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10-11-2011, 04:51 PM
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How green will be our D in Calgary - Or the Matroshka Doll analogy

Check it out.

Our least experienced D in the NHL is Emelin who has played only 1 game.

Diaz has more experience; he has played twice as many game!

But that's nothing compare to Weber who has played 17 time more games than Emelin and Diaz put together (51 game vs 3).

Not that impressive though, when you realize that Subban has played 50% more games then Weber, Diaz and Emelin put together (81 game vs 54).

Then that must make Gorges an elder stateman since he has played 2.7 times more game than Subban, Weber, Diaz and Emelin put together (366 vs 135).

But wait! Gill has played almost twice as many game as all of the others put together! (966 vs 501).

I kinda wish we had Chelios on the team just to add one more shell to the Matroshka.

Bottom line, our D will be very green in Calgary.

Am I worried? Nah. I am a fan; I don't have to be rational, I just have to rationalize. Price will bail these rookies out and Subban is a stud.

Let's see if Barney Stinson is right; 'New is always better!'

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