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10-11-2011, 07:01 PM
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Coach Me.

I've gotten in contact with the President of the Inline team at my college and I've worked out a deadline for me to practice with the team.

The problem is I'm rusty and I haven't played in about a year and a half.

What can I do to...

-Trim fat and build lean muscle? (i.e. I'm 170lbs right now... I'd like to get up to 185 but also be fit)
-Increase my endurance by a lot?
-Refine my "raw talent"?
-Increase my awareness and stickhandling?
-Get my shot back on track?

I have until January 2nd to get back into shape.. So I have plenty of time.

Anybody have any ideas on regimens... Diets... etc. or could anybody share what they do on an average week? I'd like to design a plan.

Thank you for ALL of your help.

-Tyler AKA G2P

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