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10-11-2011, 07:44 PM
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Originally Posted by mullichicken25 View Post
Finally a coach puts out the young, physical, and hard working unit we've been begging for for nearly a decade and yet the fanbase does nothing but *****

its 2 games in after a ridiculous preseason and some unfortunate injuries

this thread and others like it are reason i hate a lot of our fans...i think im going to stop comming here for a little while
I agree try not to let it bother you but there are some reeeaaaally dumb people around here. There are also though some very smart, sensible people, guys like Loffen who put in so much work and great wellsprings of hockey info like RB. I've only blocked one person around here and it was only bc they were clearly getting preferential treatment due to seniority yet contributed nothing around here so I didn't feel like getting infractions. Best thing I ever did. The other thing I do is if I know a horrible poster is replying to me I only read the first two sentences. If I already hate the nonsense they are writing I just ignore the rest and request they make sense, drop their attitude, etc. It bothers the heck out of them to know they wasted their time typing essay's to me and makes me laugh. Or I just ignore the post outright. Try not to get too down. Maybe just peruse the titles for good info like injury updates and whatnot. Threads likely not to include nonsensical whining.

And I just want to say even though yea I love this team's identity and the direction and I think it's all obvious we are trending upwards (Tho like any team we could fail to ultimately win) I understand why people are skeptical and want to see the product on the ice achieve before getting all excited. I think that's very boring and for some people it's clear they're bandwagonish while others just want to avoid heartbreak. I get behind my teams, i have my expectations yea and i'm horribly dissappointed by the end results of not winning a championship in some seasonslike us in 97, 06, last year's Jets...other seasons I'm ecstatic my team battled back like the 2002 Jets or last year's Rangers. I take each season on its own merit tho. What annoys me is not that other people don't take each year as its own experience it's that they challenge you for wanting to enjoy. Yea we have had a craptastic GM. Why does that mean I'm not allowed to be excited to watch the players perform off of last year? I don't know why the passion for hockey that drives people to this board also makes them so prone to whining and misery.

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