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10-27-2003, 11:28 AM
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was drafted by Smith in 2000.

Smith did have Brendl and Lundmark. There was Manny, although he was mostly toast by the time Sather came along and has done jack since. There were others like Mottau (I list him because Lampman's listed), and Moore was a Smith pick. Doig wasn't too old yet, and Kloucek was around and Dale was turning the corner. There was also Aufiero, Leahy and Inman. Of course many turned out to be nothing, but they were prospects just like the ones listed. There were others, but my memory's failing.

I agree that Sather was given a crap team. It had little if any depth. But I can't say he went about rebuilding this team properly. He's done soem good, and some bad. The team's been a revolving door and at most times he's shown little patience, and at strange times he's showed a lot of patience. It's hard to determine what he's trying to accomplish. I believe he wants to build an organization, where prospects are fed annually. But he doesn't seem willing to have the necessary patience with these prospects, unless all are not ready at this point. I dunno...I can't figure it out.

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