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Originally Posted by Karl Pilkington View Post
It's not just about fighting. It's about respect. You can't mandate respect.. that only restrains the vicious element..
You know, many young (and less young) people think that having a hand gun will win them "respect". Does it ? What it earns you is fear not respect - not the same thing. Players do not "respect" a goon - they fear him. And fear (of being beaten) should not be a part of the hockey game, or in life - it's not the sort of intimidation I want to see in the 21st century.

If you capture a burglar in your house you will not shoot him or beat him to death. You will let the system take care of this.
If the refs enforce rules in a coherent and consistent manner - there is absolutely no need for goons or fighting.

Originally Posted by Karl Pilkington View Post
Don't ask me what will.. this is a wider societal issue. Sports reflect the "real" world on many levels. This issue with respect and common sense is one of those issues. Really, it comes down to each person taking responsibility for themselves and not blaming external factors for why they acted a certain way.
There was never a functional advanced society that worked only on "respect" and "responsibility" - there are always laws and people to enforce them - otherwise, the one that's physically stronger will take what he wants and beat the others into submission. We are animals and we would act as animals without the laws. See the mobs and looting after a natural disaster.

I think many of the "violent hockey" fans would want hockey to be preserved as the last place for "cavemen rules" in our society. You may want it - society won't let it happen.

Originally Posted by Karl Pilkington View Post
The legal system really promotes the common sense/lack of respect/blame someone else attitude I'm talking about. We don't take anything head on anymore. We circle around the issue and point the finger through a third party while compiling the opinions of those interested in what's happening to justify our stance.

Every once and a while we all need to let it go..
English is not my first language so I would really want you to explain again what you said there. And how is this related to three ex fighters and Don Cherry. Were they supposed to go "head on" and beat him, instead of using the legal system ?

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