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Originally Posted by vanuck View Post

It's a pretty short piece, but an interesting point. I just wonder if this applies to us at all? We seem to get a ton of injuries every year.
I'm not sure I buy it. Most Canuck injuries are fairly sudden ones and the player is out for a while.

Just looking at last season:

Salo: Torn Achilles tendon
Bieksa: Broken foot
Alberts: Broken wrist
Hamhuis: 2 concussions
Ballard: Concussion and knee
Ehrhoff: Vertigo
Edler: Back
Rome: Sprained MCL

Malhotra: Eye
Burrows: Shoulder from previous playoffs
Glass: Abdomen
Samuelsson: Concussion
Raymond: Broken thumb

I'm not sure how many of those you could really pin on that phenomenon. In my opinion Salo, Bieksa, Alberts, Malhotra, Ballard, Ehrhoff, Samuelsson, Raymond, and Hamhuis can all be dismissed out of hand because they're all from single identifiable incidents. It's not like they had lingering problems that eventually got worse. So that leaves Glass, Edler, Rome and Burrows, and Burrows' injury was from the wear of the playoffs, so I'm not sure I'd consider that either.

Maybe Edler's back wouldn't have gotten as bad as it did if he'd been more cautious, and maybe you could say the same about Glass and Rome. But other than those two, I can't see any relation between the Canucks' injuries and how conservative their training staff would be. I suppose some of the guys may have had their bells wrung previously leaving them more open for a concussion later, but that's just speculation, especially since none missed much time at all with PCS.

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