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10-12-2011, 05:36 AM
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I disagreed with Cherry's choice of words, but think legal action is ridiculous, if they pursue legal action against cherry then I will agree that they are in fact pukes.

Many here used Nilans words as proof he was against fighting in the NHL. Now that Cherry does it on a larger scale they would support legal action. He was a little over the top, but didn't say anything worth being sued over. I actually agreed with 95% of what he had to say, Chris Nilan seems to be all over the place and Jim Thomson did actually say that his role as a fighter led to addiction bla bla bla, I'm pretty sure Nilan insinuated the same thing. Not particularly sure what Stu had to say, and really don't care.

They are entitled to their opinion, so is Cherry. Might as well throw big George Laraque into the legal suit as well, since he called them pukes too.

Next time someone says something about me or attempts to misrepresent my opinions I think I'll take them to court. Absolute hogwash if you ask me and a drain on the legal system that has more dire matters to deal with.

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