Thread: Confirmed with Link: Nikita Filatov to Ottawa for a 3rd Round Pick
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10-12-2011, 07:41 AM
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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
Well we've been hearing for a few years how Filatov is the bomb-diggidy. When you don't see the bomb-diggidy, fans tend to follow him around feeling satisfied that he isn't the bomb-diggidy on another team or have bad feelings when he does become the bomb-diggidy (whatever that is, if it's even a word... :p).

My issue with him isn't on ice, it's off ice and wrapped in that little extremely deceptive and vastly immature entitled noggin of his.

Frankly I wish the conversations would die about this kid. He either works out or he doesn't. But I wish even more that a little poster of ours would stop trying to defend him blindly. Everything negative about him is someone else's fault or a non-existent issue. If he's scratched, why wasn't it someone else because they played worse? blahblahblah... Yeah, whatever. He's not playing well. I've had players I like not make it in the NHL. I don't go around pointing at everyone else saying he (the player I like) was held down by the man.
Nice insight, Blah.

I think MT's argument is that as a club we do not have a clear and consistent measure of treatment for our players. And she's right. We don't. We can rehash the country club environment, the resigning of players too early, the players allowed to take shifts/games off without consequence, flat play that is excused...blah, blah, blah...all day long.

A desperate fan base will accept all sorts of nuances in return for anticipated performance. They will turn on an athlete that lets them down.

It is what it is in small market hockey.

For the record, I have dealt with Filatov and found a totally different person than the one who is depicted on this board. He is a kid, just a kid, trying to make his dream come true. FWIW, I will not support his failure to justify ours.

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