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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
I agree that Holmgren's decisions are apparently nonsensical at a number of points, and that when viewed from a distance there is no apparent grand scheme. He is pretty much winging it and I am not likely to be convinced otherwise. That said his results haven't been terrible to date, but we'll see how things look in five years. He hasn't had a chance for some of his mistakes to catch up to him yet.

Where I do disagree with you is the Stanley Cup being the only real metric for success. If you do an average job as a franchise, you'll win the cup once every thirty years. Nobody is around long enough to get the kind of sample size, and even if they were, could easily do a fine job and get unlucky. Holmgren has had some real success as the GM, in spite of the fact that we all know of some things he should have done to help himself have even more.
1/30 is true in a theoretical world, it isn't true in the real world. The Flyers have been competing with a much smaller sample than that.

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