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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
If it was only that simple. It's been made pretty clear, by the team's actions and every pre-season statement from the GM, coach and vets. Every time they laud players who came to camp early and in shape, who take care of themselves off the ice etc., it's made clear that the problems Carter and Richards were causing in the dressing room were tearing the team apart. The 'dead room' of conflict and resentment is gone in favour of a united team in an upbeat locker room who are all on the same page as the coaches.

I am not sure the Flyers won't win both those trades this year.

Simmonds is playing really well, and Schenn will be recalled soon and help the team. Voracek is playing really well at RW too, and Couturier is looking more and more like a keeper.

To have four contributing players with good attitudes in your lineup over two players who had alienated the coaching staff and their veteran linemates is a good thing. Add to that the genius strokes of replacing Betts with Talbot and Leino with Jagr, and the team looks much better than last year's team. Even Lilja is looking better and more mobile than O'Donnell....

Put a good goalie in front of the same dysfunctional team and you get the same result, which is why they made the changes they did.
I couldn't disagree more. This is all facts not in evidence. How is it been made clear that the problems being caused by Richards and Carter were tearing the team down? That's hogwash. There is no evidence to support that.
We have 4 players with good attitudes over players who have aleinated the Coaching staff and their veteran linemates? Based on what?
Of those 4 players, 3 of then have played 2 games in a Flyers uniform. One is in the AHL and two are Rookies in the League. Maybe get just a little bigger sample size before you label those players saints in the room.
And lastly no kidding the dead room of resentment and conflict is gone. Were two games into a brand new Season. Of course it's like that. There is no adversity.
This has to stop. The players, and management and Coaches has all denied this fantasy beleif that the media has portrayed. And they've done it recently. It's very simple. Losing creates these issues. Winning solves them. It has nothing to do with any of that other nonsense.

Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
I love how last year while the team was winning, there was no doubt they were all friends and everyone was happy. Then when they start losing, it's time to roll out the scapegoats and skin then alive.

Last year's team was dominant, but heavily injured towards the end. Put a goalie in front of them and let them heal and there's no reason to believe they wouldn't have had success. Unfortunately, this organization does love overreacting, so now we're probably another year or two away. If we can't shore up the defense soon, it's likely longer. We went from having the personnel to win now to having the personnel to win sometime.
You didn't hear any of this when the team was cruising along at the top of the NHL standings. At some point in the middle of the Seasoon, Carter and Richards decided to cause problems and tear the team apart I guess.

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