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10-12-2011, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
I kinda disagree here. Waiting only really benefits Carey Price. I don't see how PG can win here, although I'm not gonna panic like others, but the likelihood of Carey Price completely self destructing is very small. The likelihood of him improving or at least matching last year are significantly higher. Carey will get paid either way, but waiting only gives him a stronger opportunity to pad his case. That being said, maybe Price doesn't want to sign right now and wants the chance to increase his worth, thus leaving PG no choice, I would be confident if PG could get a deal done now that it would work in the clubs favor, but doubt it gets done, not because of lack of effort or disinterest from Price, but because Price is confident in his ability to improve and improvement only makes him worth more.

I use to think Carey would want to dash at first chance, because of the grief the media and certain fans gave him, but now I'm confident he wants to be the goaltender in the toughest best hockey city in the world. Playing net for the habs will only add to his legacy. I'm not at all concerned.
Originally Posted by NHLcrazy View Post
Knowing how the Canadiens management works he will sign after the season is over of course and it will a short contract...2 years 11M$, maybe 3 years 18M$.

I really, really doubt it. MINIMUM 6 years. I don't want a 15 year contract. But I do want more than 5. If Pleks signed for 6 years, you know that Mr. Franchise will sign for 5+ years.

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