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Originally Posted by JetsAlternate View Post
I was watching an old match between the Rangers and Canadiens from 1990 and couldn't help but think the Rangers' uniforms looked a lot darker than they do now. Upon further inspection, I noticed even the striping pattern was different.

These were the uniforms used in the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals:

Take note of the striping and deep blue of the uniforms.

This is a photo of a recent game taken from the Rangers' official site:

What the heck happened? Those first uniforms looked gorgeous. The current uniforms are too bright, in my opinion.
What the Rangers are wearing now, color and striping, is closer to what they've worn since their inception. Color included.

The separated stripes were only around late 80's-mid 90's. So only less then a decade. That's not what their real uniform looks like.

And, IMO no way looks better then the real deal which is the design they wear now. Only gripe I have is the Edge jersey is garbage with the curved bottom.

Examples from inception 1926 through to the 70's.

They went to the crummy separated stripes and then back in the 90's.

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