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10-12-2011, 10:45 AM
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What do we mean exactly when we say QB? Does a QB have to be both the guy mainly responsible for bringing the puck up the ice and controlling the play from the blueline once they get setup in the zone? Because Goose to me looks perfectly fine and just as good as Richards once they've established possession in the zone. He struggles though with that other component of carrying the puck through neutral and taking the blueline safely, whether that's through solo skating or a pass. You could feel the rest of the team looking to him and waiting for him to take over but it didn't happen.

Then you've got other problems like Robidas basically playing the worst offensive game of his life. I mean, in seasons past he's been pretty good in the first half of the year at least before he gets worn down and tired. Good enough to at least play on the 2nd unit. But that was just atrocious.

Daley and Souray weren't exempt from putting forwards in impossible positions either with their breakout passes. They were feeding the puck to wingers along the wall right before they were going to hit the stack of Coyotes players at the line. That's not going to work.

Then the alternative, dumping and chasing, breaks down also when the forwards can't win any 1-on-1 puck battles. It's not like that has anything to do with Richards' absence.

Frustration begets more frustration and you end up with Benn trying to dangle the entire PK...

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