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10-12-2011, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
the Flyers were one OT goal away from getting to the Cup Final with a AHL goalie. It doesnt take rocket science to realize that if we had a NHL goalie in the nets there is a pretty good chance we could of won it all. NHL goalies dont get run from the game twice in the first 5 games of the Cup Final. Leighton is not a NHL goalie. that isnt speculation. that is fact.
Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Fact: We scored enough goals to win

Fact: Our goaltender did not make enough saves to win.
These are true facts, yes. But what you guys fail to realize is that it isn't as simple as just saying ok hey lets have Luongo play for us. You have to actually go out and get the player. That may mean a trade, that may mean a signing. But there is no telling who that other goalie would have been or how they would have gotten him. There is also no telling how that goalie would have played. You can sit here all you want say all he had to do was X, but in the end, that X would have changed something else on the team somewhere and there is no telling what effect that would have had on key goals, bad turnovers, chemistry, etc. Yes, if they had a different goalie and that same exact team, there is obviously a much better chance of winning. I don't think anyone would really argue that. But the problem is is that to get that goalie it likely would not have been the same team and there is also the chance that they would not have won. Not to mention it would also likely have changed what the team would have looked like now. Or it may not have and everything would be the same. But there is no way to tell and since the results have been good, how can you say that the results you are coming up with in your head based on 100% pure speculation are more important than the actual results?

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