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10-27-2003, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by MVP
Would not Ohlund gets a 10% increase in his next contract, in that case he would be getting close to 3 millions on his next contract anyways.
Ohlund doesn't *have* to get a 10% increase on his next contract.

he can be qualified for the exact same amount he made this season... 10% increases only have to be given to players making less than the league's average salary - which Ohlund is not.

But I think that he will most definitely get a raise... he's playing great right now, and looks like he could have a stellar season... I think that he will get in the $3+ mill range if he continues playing this well... can't compare Ohlund to guys like Yuskevich... Ohlund is a much more complete player, and he logs #1 minutes on our team... Yushkevich doesn't play those kind of minutes, nor has been consider a top2 dman for a long time.

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