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10-12-2011, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Do I truly need to dig up Leighton's stats and compare them to Roloson's stats to show you that Roloson is a better goalie, and therefore more likely to have success than Leighton?
More likely is not a guarantee that erases what actually happened. Yes, Roloson is a better goalie. That is not in question. But better goalies do not always lead to better results. Just because Leighton missed puck A doesn't mean Roloson would have saved it. That isn't how it works.

Originally Posted by BringBackStevens View Post
You guys are over complicating the issue in order to weasel into another holmgren defense.

Yes, it's impossible to say how exact circumstances would have unfolded with a different goalie, however that is not really the point.

The point is that you ice the best possible tram and by doing so you increase your chances of winning. The biggest place for potential improvement was goaltender and this weakness 1) was identified by many people early in the season and 2) unsurprisingly manifested itself against the best teams

To justify this failure to ice the best possible team because exact events would have transpired differently is a horribly lame argument
This is a much better argument, however I do not necessarily agree with it for reasons that I exhausted last year and do not wish to get back into because it was me vs. the world (essentially that Leighton was playing well enough to the point where it wasn't necessary to go after a goalie at that point). Just as a heads up I will not be responding to anything in reference to that argument because I did it for basically an entire season and no one on here agreed with me and I don't feel like doing that all over again. Haha.

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