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10-12-2011, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
I don't see your argument.

Most players work hard. That doesn't mean they're good enough to skate a regular shift in the NHL.

Zuccarello is not made for the NHL. He's not a good NHL player. It doesn't matter how hard he works, he's not going to grow taller and turn his average at best skating into elite skating. And facing unfortunate facts, that's always going to hold him back.

A guy like Callahan got sent down. He worked his ass off. Several years later, he's captain.

Every player is a unique case.

And what does it mean to other young players? It means an opportunity for them opened up.
Zuccarello was sent down last year no? Its been two games and to throw a guy like Borque or Hagelin in there who have IMO less offensive talent, and less NHL experience will not help this team.

The shoot out unfortunately is an important part of the game today. He does have that skill set. I am NOT saying that is even close to the whole reason why he needs to be kept up.

Christensen, who I believe does not have a place on this team, does have the same shoot out skill set but after what, 5 or 6 years in the NHL hes still having a hard time finding a place. Its Zucc's 2nd year in the NHL, not 5th or 6th like Christensen.

As it is right now this team is still starving for offense. Some guys take longer to adjust. If after this season things are still the same then I agree its time to cut ties.

But two games into the season? Hes not hurting this team. He has more pro level experience then any of our prospects/rookies.

Maybe we just agree to disagree but I see no reason to send him down and choose a rookie with no NHL experience in a season in which we are not just trying to make the playoffs but win a Stanley cup. We already have a inexperienced defense with Staal out for an unknown amount of time and taking away experience upfront will only hurt this team more.

Newbury or Mitchell over Zucc? I have a very hard time understanding that one...

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