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Regina selects Nikolai Makarov, D.

I agonized long and hard over the pros and cons and decided that he is capable of a top-4 role with 1st unit PP duties in the AAA.

Makarov was a longtime Soviet league blueliner who didn't appear to stand for much more than longevity. But he blossomed offensively in the 1977 and 1978 seasons, in which he was 1st and 2nd in Soviet league defensemen scoring. He was not a postseason all-star but then there was only one team named in those years. He was 9th in MVP voting in 1978, and in both 1978 and 1979 he was named to the "top 30 players", whatever that means.

He was never on the national team, aside from a game in 1981. With that said, the national team mainstays of his generation are all taken and he appears to be among the "next best", especially offensively.

Makarov posted some gawdy totals in the 1980 and 1981 seasons that would have made him 1st and 2nd in Soviet league defensemen scoring a couple more times, but one piece of evidence that he played forward those seasons is enough for me considering he was 34 and the numbers would be abnormal otherwise. has two entries for Makarov, one of which is a forward from 1980-1982 with Traktor. Every other source calls Makarov purely a defenseman, but I don't buy it and don't want to try to pull one over on you guys, either.

Makarov went to the Finnish league for the 1983 season and was named the league's top defenseman at 35, leading the league in blueliner scoring, edging 30-year old Pekka Rautakallio, an ATDer who had 68 points in the NHL the season before. The following season Rautakallio outscored Makarov by just 2 points. All indications are that from 1977 to 1984 at least, Makarov had the capability to be a middle of the road offensive specialist at the NHL level, and that was at age 29-36. Prior to that he stuck around despite having average scoring stats, indicating decent all-around ability.

With 490 elite league games, he outlasted guys like Babinov (452), Gusev (335), Ivanov (300), Lutchenko (459), Lyapkin (354), Romishevsky (437), A poor man's Yuri Fedorov, perhaps?


Modin? Purely a LW, as far as I know.

Hemsky? "one of the" best playmaking wingers? If you're talking "per-game" then he's definitely the best from what I can see.

Brisebois? I was actually considering him. Pretty sad that he was the all-time highest scoring defenseman left, by a 35-point margin.

Reid? Tony, you might not be aware that Reid actually had a season good enough to earn him all-star consideration. He was tied for 10th in 1972 with 7 voting points. He was on the radar for sure.

Jody Hull? WTF?

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