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Originally Posted by Seb View Post
Well, there's a link for Nightclubs, but what about Bars? Irish pubs, Western pubs? That would be fun!

And what about microbreweries/brewpubs? I'm a big fan of them and would love to bring back a couple bottles home for my wall.
Irish Pubs
McFaddens(Right next to the hockey arena) is popular. So is Casey's in Tempe

Western "Cowboy" Pubs

Gordon Biresh and Nibmus(in Tucson) are the ones I know I quite popular

Also some of the supermarkets here do carry some the local mircobrews ie Nimbus.

Other stuff for you to know. Glendale, Scottsdale Downtown Phoenix, Mill Ave in Tempe are usually the more common hot spots in the Valley of the Sun for nightlife and such.

Public trasportation is not that great here unless you plan to do everything within 5 to 10 minutes of each other. Best bet is to rent a car to get around.

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