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10-12-2011, 04:42 PM
Doing the PR for RP
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these favor doing things are getting out of control.
I'm still mad about the Sturm disaster.
What was the disaster? He played, didn't pan out, and was let go. What did it cost us? A depth pick or something? I forget what, if anything we paid, but it wasn't a great deal.

Why are we actually doing favors ????
Usually to get something in return. In this case I assume it's the 6th rounder and the chance to flip a dead weight to the Flyers later down the line if we need it.

Have we ever gotten one ?????
Thanks to the fact thus far DL has shown the ability to manage a cap and contract numbers, have we ever needed one? Most of these favors are cap space/contract limits related. DL manages that better than others it seems.

Not enough of the Simmonds, Schenn stuff... no we keep on doing favors.
What more was there to do? What great deals did DL turn down you'd have jumped on?

Thank god Lombardi has no background conenctions to the Bulls.........
they would reactivate Dennis Rodman as character coach
Does DL ever do anything right in your eyes?

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