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10-12-2011, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Dutch Frost View Post
exactly.. this poor kid is traveling all over the place and cant his find his groove and then youll have the experts on this board claiming it was his attitude problems.

I cannot believe Garth and Wang cant petition the league or handle this matter with Betteman. Regardless what round he was drafted - Kabanov is a top rated prospect and him being in Europe and not here close to the organization where he can truly learn and grow is a major crime.
Really does stink. I mean you look at some of these kids that are drafted whom have played on the same junior team for a couple of years. Yes, their junior roster might have some turnover in their time there and what have you but they can at least feel comfortable growing and developing in one spot. Most likely with the same coaches and same staff at the helm.

The fact that the league can not figure something out about this. The kid is being treated like a red-headed step child. I believe in what comes around goes around, and yes, KK has made some CHILDISH mistakes in his storied past. However, KK is just that a KID and made those mistakes and has shown a remarkable turn around in maturity.

At this point I almost wish the Islanders would have kept KK and had him on the 4th line or something. At least it would have been better than the kid being jerked around relentlessly.

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