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Originally Posted by Damaged Goods View Post
Haha, wow. You are really getting caught up in the niggling details and missing the greater (and extremely obvious) point that the past is not the same as the future and that the speculative is not the same as the real.

What WILL happen IS just as good as fiction, no matter how realistic it may seem.

Realistic statement on opening day 2005: "Jonathan Cheechoo will not lead the NHL in goals this year (2005-2006)"

Fictitious, un-real statement today: "Jonathan Cheechoo did not lead the NHL in goals in that year (2005-2006)."

A realistic expectation is not an equal substitute for reality. These are the things we learn by actually observing the past in, you know, reality.

Ok, watching the game now.
I'm not caught up in any niggling details. The only niggling details are yours. Your premise has absolutely zero relevance to the real Word of Hockey. None whatsoever.

You still don't get it.

Are you telling me that it's not a reality that the Flyers have upgraded their Goaltending in signing Bryzgalov?

Clearly, if you are truly watching the past, you would know that it is reality. You talk about learning from the past, as you are at the same time ignoring it.

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