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10-12-2011, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Robert View Post

To be honest there isn't much he can do other than make a trade. I know Mason is not the only one at fault but if the Jackets can't score or defend they better have a veteran goalie the team trusts. I don't think there's one CBJ player that would say Mason builds confidence in the room or on the ice (in private or after a few beers that is).

Howson blew it not signing a veteran GT with a higher profile than Sanford.. the other guy (Duc or whatever) is a freaking non NHL player, what good is that when we need stability in the net.

Howson could make a trade for a goaltender within a week, Iím thinking the Flyers would take Mason, but, Howson wonít do that out of fear that Mason might someday become a superstar.
Howson had better be fearing for his job right now more than worrying about Mason making him look bad years down the road

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