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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
You could try it, but it's not a hard and fast rule. A lot of blades have a rockered heel and toe so they won't ever lie flat until you close them (Sakic for example). That lets you stickhandle with an effective 5 lie and shoot in tight with an effective 6 lie for example.

I'd love to talk to a pro gear rep to see what they think about it. Do most pros use flat or rockered blades? Do they follow that blade flat on the ice rule to chop the sticks? What about the guys who use long sticks? Where do they like to shoot and how flat is the blade on the ice? Etc.
Actually, I happen to use a Sakic curve, lie 5.5. The blade is rockered like you said, so there's no way the tape wear will be even throughout the blade unless I close my face on the shot... Which apparently I'm not doing from time to time, or it's because I'm lazy and leave my blade heel on the ice when I skate.

Either way, I use a longer stick. It goes up to about my nose when I'm on skates, eyes when I'm barefeet. I'm a beginner, so my stick handling isn't good enough anyway to tell the difference between short/long stick.

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