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Originally Posted by Damaged Goods View Post
I never said it was. You are the one who is desperately twisting my words. But the reason is because he is more talented, not because we know the future.
Incorrect. It's because he's a prove NHL #1 Goalie. Bobrovsky is very talented. Why didn't we go with him?

Nothing is being twisted. Your premise is simply irrelevant.

Originally Posted by Damaged Goods View Post
From a talent perspective, yes. But not because certain results were "in the bank." Bryzgalov also could have gotten injured before he ever played a game for the Flyers. They could have upgraded their goaltending talent on paper and gotten zero result for it this year.
Even if he gets injured. That doesn't change that he is an upgrade to what we had. No one can predict that a player will or won't be injured. Should they not have signed him because he might get injured? Again, that's irrelevant.

Originally Posted by Damaged Goods View Post
tal·ent   [tal-uhnt] noun
2. a capacity for achievement or success; ability: young men of talent.

Here I have to go back to the dictionary. When I say talent, I mean this. Simply how good a player is, in sum. Not some abstract assessment of his native ability vs his work ethic or something like that.
You should read your own definitions that you offer. A capacity for achievement or success. Talent isn't enough. You have to take that talent and put it to use. Tons of talented players don't make it. Bryzgalov isn't just talented. Again, he is a proven #1 NHL Goalie

Originally Posted by Damaged Goods View Post
And your argument is based on a pathetic straw man. I haven't been promoting an argument remotely like that, nor have I been implying one.
Call it whatever you want. LOL.

I'll just call it right.

Your avoiding the question. How can Bryzgalov be considered an upgrade if your premise is correct. That if it hasn't happened yet, it is fiction.

When is it considered to have happened? How many games?

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